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    The Chiloé archipelago is located in the south of Chile, between 41 ° and 43 ° south. Mainly comprises a large island, the island of Chiloe, plus numerous smaller islands and islets. The archipelago has an area of 9181 km ².
    This group of islands is like a small country that is part of Chile but intimately is very different.
    If what is sought is a harmonious, peaceful, naturally attractive and culturally rich, Chiloé is the ideal destination.
    Do not miss the opportunity to visit the stilt houses, houses built on stilts by the sea, the old churches, some distinguished as World Heritage by UNESCO, the exotic taste of local cuisine and marvel at the thousands of stories, legends and myths who have given life to a unique worldview own Island...


    Por vía aérea

    • Through LAN from Santiago there are 4 weekly flights to Castro.
    • Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    • landing at the new airport Mocopulli Castro.
    • located on the Big Island of Chiloé.
    • We recommend the possibility of traveling on a plane.


    • From Santiago buses depart daily to the city of Castro.
    • This trip takes about 18 hours.
    • from Puerto Montt there are buses that cross the island every 45 minutes.
    • from 7 to 20:30 pm (this trip takes 3 hours).
    • By bus or by car, you must use the ferry service to cross to the island.

    in Shuttle

    • Service vehicle and passenger ferries.
    • covering the route from Port Quellón to Puerto Chacabuco.
    • a trip of twelve hours once a week.
    • Quellon to Chaiten, twice a week in a six-hour trip.